William Robson

Calling All Cars, Volume 6

Volume 6 in Calling All Cars, the classic radio show! “Crime does not pay...” -- four words that quickly sum up “Calling All Cars,” a popular crime drama heard from 1933 to 1939.
One of radio’s earliest and most durable police procedural shows, the series’ stark and gritty realism is strongly reminiscent of Warner Brothers gangster films of the 1930s - particularly with the presence of real-life LAPD dispatcher Jesse Rosenquist, whose unique voice and name became the show’s trademark; Rosenquist contributed to the American lexicon both the program’s title and the now time-honored phrase “that is all”.
None of the actors on the series ever received on-air credit, but sharp-eared radio fans can hear the likes of Elvia Allman, Jackson Beck, Charles Bickford, Gale Gordon, John Gibson, Richard LeGrand, and Hanley Stafford.
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