Laura Vixen

Lesbian Erotica – 10 First Time Stories (Lesbian Collection Book 2)

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Within this collection of lesbian tales, you will find an exciting mix of lust including Lesbian college girls, Lesbian spanking, First vibrator sex, First-time lesbian experiences, Cheerleader Sex, Lesbian Doctor Sex, BDSM, this sizzling bundle has it all and more. These naughty stories are sure to leave you hot and wet.

The books:

A Pole Dancer’s Naughty Audition

First Time Vibrator Sex

College Girl’s Road Trip

Dominated by her Doctor Girlfriend

Spanked by the Masseur

The Doctor’s Healing Touch

The Hotel Maid’s First Vibrator

Touched Up by her Cheerleader Friend

Under Doctor’s Orders

In the Hands of the Naughty Nurse

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