Kathrin Pissinger

16 Scandalous Stories With My Lesbian Girlfriends: Number 9 is the dirtiest!

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A collection of my best stories with my lesbian girlfriends.
What is included in here, is a lot of pissing, a good measure of my very own special brand of lesbian domination, some dirty public action, anal anal anal and women who were so depraved they stuck around with me long enough to warrant several stories. That in and of itself is a badge of honour, right there.
Did I mention lots of pissing? I mean GALLONS of it. I might just have converted more people to pee play than the pope did to Catholicism, and I frankly believe I deserve a badge for that, too. A pretty one, with wings on it. I like wings.
So. Well. By now, you should be thinking shit, instead of reading this crap, I could've gotten myself some lube and toys already! And you'd be right! So why don't I let you do that, step back a little, have you read the actual stories and only, occasionally, when you're slacking and not rubbing hard enough, I'll spank you just a little, to get you going again.
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