Justine Avery

What Wonders Await Outdoors

Slušajte u aplikaciji
"Slow down, take the time to really explore, and you will be rewarded with hidden treasures."
—The Bookbag
Listen to the birds, the breeze, the rustle of the trees so excited.
All of Nature is calling. We’ve been invited!
The core message of exchanging indoor activities for the adventure of the great outdoors drives the rhyming narrative, a journey of imagination and discovery mixing fantasy with reality in brilliant watercolor landscapes.
We almost forgot to step outside! How could we?
When we’re very very busy, time passes so quickly.
What Wonders Await Outdoors serves as a gentle reminder, a personal invitation, to wander outside, absorb the scenes offered year round, and reconnect with the natural world with reverence and respect.
National Parenting Product Award recipient
North Street Book Prize semi-finalist
"A rollicking rhyme to deliver a message encouraging kids to exchange indoor activities for outdoor pleasures ... Highly recommended for parents, preschool teachers, childcare providers, and anyone who would foster an early appreciation of nature in the very young." (D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review)
"An essential book for getting the young ones (and some of the older ones) motivated to be at one with nature again." (Readers' Favorite)
"The watercolour illustrations are so unusual—busy, lively and modern —and capture the positive joy and pleasure to be had in spending time outdoors." (LoveReading4Kids)
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