“I will be transformed into something beautiful, but at what cost?”
Samantha’s life is ordinary, at least until a mysterious, magic-wielding man blows up her car trying to kill her. She escapes by a hair’s breadth, all thanks to an equally mysterious and magical stranger.
Her savior, Greg, is otherworldly in beauty and skill. His presence sends a thrill of knowledge through her, even though they’ve never met. He calls himself her Keeper, a fate-bound servant compelled to protect her at the cost of his life. By the rules of his kind, he’s meant to be just that, except he’s flawed, and he begins to fall for her. This is wrong. Forbidden. Yet, inevitable. But he’s not the only one defying the rules. Samantha is also attracted to him, though she’s unaware anything is wrong with her intense attraction until she morphs and her fate is written in stone.
Nope, she’s not ordinary. In fact, she isn’t even human or allowed to fall in love with who she wants. Guess she’ll have to rethink her plans of being a chef. Culinary school just isn’t the place for people destined to save a dying race.
Keeper is a young adult urban fantasy novel that will appeal to lovers of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and fans of The Mortal Instruments series.

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Keeper, Ingrid Seymour
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