Eva Ibbotson

The Great Ghost Rescue

As a bloodcurlingly fearsome ghost, Humphrey the Horrible is a failure.
He's not horrible at all. Instead of being ghastly and skeletal, he's pink and fluffy, like a summer cloud. He longs to be like his brother, who's a Screaming Skull. Or his father, who has stumps for legs and a sword through his chest. Or even his cousins who are like vampire bats. Poor Humphrey, though, can't scare anyone.
But when the ghosts are in danger, it's clever Humphrey who comes up with a rescue plan. . .
Read aloud by actor John Sessions, The Great Ghost Race is a wonderfully spooky young-fiction title from the award-winning author of Journey to the River Sea, Eva Ibbotson.
'This kind of fun will never fail to delight' Philip Pullman
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