Barbara Cartland

A Portrait of Love

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Fedora Colwyn’s ailing father is a great restorer of paintings and valuable works. Their home is lined with a magnificent collection, but paintings don’t fill stomachs and with her father unable to work, they both face destitution.

When the Earl of Heversham approaches the elderly Colwyn with a lucrative offer to restore his private collection at Heversham Castle, Fedora agrees on his behalf, intending to undertake the work herself.

At Heversham, she is swept up in the life of the handsome Earl. But Fedora is soon swept up in dark family secrets, a treacherous society beauty, and a sinister murder plot.

With both life and love on the line, Fedora must have all her wits about her.

Fans of Julia Quinn, Georgette Heyer and Julianne Donaldson will love this fast-paced, wildly romantic, historical adventure.

Barbara Cartland wrote over 700 novels and was most famous for her historical romances. A prominent figure in London society, the young Cartland began her writing career as a gossip columnist for the Daily Express. After marrying into the McCorquodale family, she began writing romance and holds a Guinness World Record for the most number of books published in one year: 191. She is beloved worldwide and even counts the young Princess Diana as one of her many fans.
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