The Neil Gaiman Audio Collection, Neil Gaiman
    Doctor Ox's Experiment, Jules Verne
    Guys Read: Frost and Fire, Ray Bradbury
    End of Days, Michael Kamp
    Goodnight, Wimpy Little Steve (An Unofficial Minecraft Book), MC Steve
    @, Lee Isserow
    Lee Isserow
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    Guys Read: Bouncing the Grinning Goat, Shannon Hale
    Guys Read: The Dirt on Our Shoes, Neal Shusterman
    The Blood Lives, Lee Isserow
    The Blood Lies, Lee Isserow
    The Secret Signal, Simon Haynes
    A Throne for Sisters (Books 3 and 4), Morgan Rice
    Guys Read: Rise of the RoboShoes, Tom Angleberger
    Guys Read: The Klack Bros. Museum, Kenneth Oppel
    Guys Read: The Scout, D.J.MacHale
    Guys Read: The Warlords of Recess, Eric Nylund
    Guys Read: A Day In the Life, Shaun Tan
    Guys Read: Plan B, Rebecca Stead
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