Children's Nursery Rhymes - Part One, Albert Jack
    Amazing Tales for Making Men Out of Boys, Neil Oliver
    Mysterious Places on Earth, IntroBooks
    A Sidecar Named Desire, Greg Clarke, Monte Beauchamp
    Barracoon, Zora Neale Hurston
    Dereliction of Duty, H.R. McMaster
    Resist, Veronica Chambers
    The Jack Report: London Calling - Part One, Albert Jack
    Backpage Indictment, Department of Justice
    The Rangeland Avenger, Max Brand
    The Valley of Silent Men, James Oliver Curwood
    Way of the Lawless, Max Brand
    Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, Christopher Forest
    History of Cold War, IntroBooks
    Secret Societies, IntroBooks
    Gross Facts About the Middle Ages, Mira Vonne
    Incas: A Comprehensive Look at the Largest Empire in the Americas, Eric Brown
    Children's Nursery Rhymes - Part One, Albert
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