Sherry A. Burton

Special Delivery

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While Marine veteran Jerry McNeal and his ghostly K-9 companion Gunter are no strangers to foul weather, they face their biggest challenge to date when they find themselves knee deep in freshly fallen snow while they make their way across country to deliver a special present for Max’s thirteenth birthday.

They soon find themselves snowbound on the interstate with dozens of other holiday travelers – including a pregnant woman worried about her husband, who left in search of help when his cell phone couldn’t get a signal.

Will Jerry be able to get the woman help before her child is born on a snowy interstate?

Will Jerry and Gunter be able to find the husband before hypothermia sets in?

Will Max’s present be delivered on time or will it disappear by the time they arrive?

One thing is certain, Jerry and Gunter will have some rather unconventional help in Special Delivery, the twelfth installment of The Jerry McNeal Series.
Dorry Press
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