Lisa Howard

Stop Manipulating Me!: Identifying Narcissism, Disarming A Narcissist & Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse

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Are you sick and tired of being controlled? Discover how to disarm narcissists and reclaim your freedom.

Do you suffer at the hands of a self-centered person? Are you fighting constant emotional abuse? Do you wish you could escape from an unhealthy relationship? Certified psychotherapist and expert on Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) Lisa Howard’s own traumatic experiences compelled her to help clients recover from toxic interactions. Now she’ll take you by the hand and show you how to regain a normal and loving life.

STOP MANIPULATING ME! is a practical guide packed with step-by-step techniques to empower you against manipulators. With specialized tools built from evidence-based research, Howard’s extensive resources focus on concrete methods you can use immediately. By defusing the dysfunctional dynamics of a pathologically self-obsessed person, you’ll soon be standing up for yourself and creating a bright, happiness-filled future.

In STOP MANIPULATING ME!, you’ll discover:

- Practical ways to survive gaslighting and heal your whole self

- Eight specific practices to deal with NPD behavior and remove its power

- Signs and red flags so you can avoid a harmful liaison before it becomes problematic

- How to steer clear of environments where narcissists thrive so you don’t get trapped

- Survivor stories, scientific investigation, supportive video links, and much, much more!

STOP MANIPULATING ME! is a thorough manual for escape and recovery from this awful exploitation. If you like professional insights, pragmatic advice, and tools to aid everyday situations, then you’ll love Lisa Howard’s comprehensive book.

Get STOP MANIPULATING ME! to restore normality today.

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