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Jennifer Rose

Jennifer Rose is a British-Canadian indie author of contemporary novels that include gay and LGBTQ+ themes. She is the author of The Pulse Series and Eternity Series and has more than a dozen novels.

Jennifer Rose was born in Dunfermline Fife, Scotland. She moved to Canada with her family when she was four years old. Her father, a shipbuilder in Aberdeen, was offered a position at the Collingwood shipyards.

Jennifer Rose began her writing career by reading Beta, but after being advised by a literary agent, she took up penning in earnest. It took about a year to write her first book.

"Many people ask ‘What do you write?’ and I always tell them the same thing. I write romance…dirty, filthy, edgy, hot romance. My books tend to be a mix of soap opera meets real life, meets fantasy," says Rose.

Jennifer Rose works as an independent author, publishing and promoting books by herself.

Now she resides in Ontario.

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