Anna Prushinskaya

Anna Prushinskaya is a Russian author from Uzbekistan who now lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her debut book of essays, A Woman Is a Woman Until She Is a Mother (2017), deftly examines the spaces between places and states of being.

Anna Prushinskaya received an MFA fiction writing program from Brooklyn College-CUNY and later was the digital media manager at the University Musical Society in Ann Arbor.

Prushinskaya’s writing has appeared in The Sonora Review, The Atlantic, Pacific Standard, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, and elsewhere. She has worked as an editor at Joyland Magazine and Electric Literature.

Anna said all essay in the book is a documentation of her experience with that birth, that pregnancy, and with first becoming a mother.

"The experience of writing this felt similar to my experience of growing a baby and giving birth, in that I also sort of felt like a portal for the writing. Writing this book, the writing just sort of flowed, and I haven’t experienced that kind of creative energy since," said the author.

After the book of essays was published, she decided to change directions professionally — choosing to become a nurse.

She is a mother of two.
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