The Hungry Season, Greenwood

The Hungry Season

During a Vermont vacation, a family struggles to recover from a heartbreaking loss, in this novel by the award-winning author of Bodies of Water.
It’s been five years since novelist Samuel Mason and his family vacationed at the lakeside cottage in northeastern Vermont, close to where Sam grew up. Back then, he and his wife enjoyed noisy, chaotic, and pretty much perfect summer getaways with their twins, Franny and Finn. But this year at Lake Gormlaith, there are only three of them.
Ever since Franny’s death, the Masons have been flailing, one step away from falling apart. This trip is Sam’s last, best hope of rescuing his son from a destructive path and salvaging what’s left of his family. As he struggles with grief, writer’s block, and a looming deadline, his wife, Mena, tries to repair the marital bond she once thought was unbreakable. But even in this secluded place, the unexpected—in the form of an overzealous fan, a surprising friendship, and a second chance—can change everything.
From the author of Two Rivers—praised by Luanne Rice as a “luminous novel”—comes a compelling and beautifully told story of hope, family, and above all, hunger—for food, for success, for connection, and for a way back to wholeness when a part of oneself has been lost forever.
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