Anton Chekhov,James Joyce,O.Henry,Gustave Flaubert,Willa Cather,George Gissing,Sherwood Anderson,August Nemo

7 best short stories - Work

Motherhood is defined in the dictionary as “the experience of having and raising a child”. But we know that there is much more to motherhood than the simplicity of this definition. The stories in this book were inspired by purity and pain, by joy and apprehension, by the countless nuances of being a mother.
Discover the seven stories selected by the critic August Nemo that explore the beauty and uniqueness of motherhood.
This book contains:

— Motherhood by Sherwood Anderson.
— The Burglar's Christmas by Willa Carther.
— The Mother's Promise by T.S. Arthur.
— Somebody's Mother by William Dean Howells.
— A Mother by James Joyce.
— Mother and Son by Guy de Maupassant.
— The Aged Mother by Matsuo Basho.For more books with interesting themes, be sure to check the other books in this collection!
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