Gentlewoman, Enitan O.Bereola II
Enitan O.Bereola II


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Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown…

Have you ever witnessed a Lady? Not a woman, but a Lady. She’s a girl by birth, woman by maturity and Lady by choice. Do you remember how the sight of a Lady made you feel? Did she smile at you? Could you feel her warmth? Do you remember her scent of comfort and truth? Can you recall how difficult it was explaining what you witnessed when she walked by? Her high heels were music; her stride was a song. She walked in greatness influencing nations with each step. Do you remember your first time?

Well, when was the last time you saw her? Her story isn’t being told. Her legacy is being watered down, and society is taking notes. She’s much more than a victim with hips.

This story isn’t one of those “how to get a man” books or “he thinks he's right because he's a man” books. This took time. This is an etiquette book for women, written by a man–a crazy man, crazy over you and crazy enough to write for and about you. This is a State of Emergency!

GENTLEWOMAN sets out to explore the demise of femininity and class in contemporary society. Unlike any other book, the author along with Hill Harper, Meagan Good, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Michelle Williams & more share insight to inform, educate and empower womanhood. It's fresh, fun and sexy uncommon sense advice designed to facilitate a necessary conversation amongst the sexes that leads to real solutions. Oh, and a man wrote it!

“From selecting wines to selecting a mate, I am re-branding etiquette. Making manners beautiful, again.” –E.B. II

CLASS is back in session!

*GENTLEWOMAN is the #1 bestselling Etiquette Advice Guide on Amazon. Oprah Winfrey and The First Family are proud owners.
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She’s classic. She’ll never go out of style. She’s particularly presented, well-behaved and well-paid. She’s feminine and fashionable, but wears a crooked crown because real Ladies aren't perfect, and perfect Ladies aren't real. She works damn hard, owns her own and owns up to who she is. She supersedes elegance. She’s a lover of God, good food, good novels and good manners. She has a crush on culture and cocktails. She’s confident and intelligent. If you’re brave enough to read her, understand her and listen to her advice, you will become her…
…She is king.
Disclaimer: Your lips can begin a relationship–your breath can end one. If you have bad breath, you should only be allowed to text.
phones were non-existent as a casual luxury
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