John Beddington

Play Better Squash

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Play Better Squash is the ideal book for everyone who plays, or wants to play, squash. How to play the strokes … where to place the ball … tacti and practice … court behaviour … fitness and training … marking and refereeing. With helpful diagrams throughout, this instructional guide also contains the complete rules of squash and profiles on some of the greatest players and what makes them winners. Now completely revised and updated, Play Better Squash is an invaluable coach, guide and reference for every squash enthusiast, whether inexperienced beginner or accomplished player. Author John Beddington is an international sports and sponsorship management expert specialising in racket sports.'It is a most excellent and comprehensive summation of the essentials of squash' Jonah Barrington, winner of the British Open title six times between 1967 and 1973
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    Physical fitness is vital, but it is a small matter by comparison with the mental effort the average player must make for consistent improvement.
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