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What I Learned at Dartmouth, The $300,000 Education

College cost a lot of money. I was reading the Washington Post this morning. They had an article about a school librarian that had graduated from college three years ago. She owed $60,000 in student loans. Since she had graduduated, with interest she owed $69,000.00.

She was worried about how she was going to get out of debt.

Being a Dartmouth Grad, I went to Google and searched for, “Cost of Dartmouth College.” It came right up. This is what I found.

Tuition $49,000

Room and board $15,000

Books $1,300

Other Stuff $1,500

Total per year cost $70,000.00

$70,000 times 4 years equals $280,000.00.

That is the sum for an undergraduate degree. Look at the figure, do the math. Is it worth it.

Sure, all of my life I can put on resumes, “Dartmouth College.” But was it worth the $280,000. Is it worth it for you or your child.

In the next 100 or so pages, I'm going to tell you a bit about my life, about Dartmouth, What I learned at Dartmouth and hopefully, I am going to share some insight.

It could be you are one of the top 1 percent of the income earners in the United States that $280,000 is like $5.00 to the rest of us. If that is the case, don't buy this book.

If you are one of the 99% of us, you may want to read on.

You may not be going to Dartmouth and spending Dartmouth money for college, but where ever you go, or where ever you are thinking about going, it's going to cost you more than $20,000 per year, on the low end, plus interest.

I'm hoping that I can shed some light on maybe a new way to think about your future and your investment in education and in life.
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