Rob Aspinall


Gangland grit meets L.A. glitz.

Say hello to the world’s baddest good guy, perfect for fans of Lee Child or Jon Mills.

A car wreck in Hollywood. You’re the first on the scene. The only one to question the police report. And pretty soon, there’s a warrant out for your arrest.

But who was the movie star at the wheel? And who’s the cigarette-smoking stranger watching you from afar?

The deeper Charlie Cobb digs, the more dangerous the consequences. The stakes ratchet up fast. And so do the players involved.

Yet when Charlie’s in town, there’s only so long you can hide.

From dirty cops to deadly gangsters, Burnout blends suspense-filled noir with page-turning thrills and gripping action.

If you like dark humour and plenty of twists and turns, join Charlie Cobb as he dishes out the justice in his own relentless way.

The Charlie Cobb series can be read in any order. Contains violence and bad language.
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Rob Aspinall
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