Prisoner: A Bad Boy Paranormal Romance, Erika Night
Erika Night

Prisoner: A Bad Boy Paranormal Romance

Nearly finished with the final project for her Master’s program, Layla embarks on a paranormal investigation of a condemned prison. She is hoping to find signs of an otherworldly presence, but a very different type of energy quickly manifests – an irresistible interest in the chiseled body of Max, the tour guide of the decaying facility.

Initially, Max’s harsh, bad boy exterior is wildly attractive to Layla. However, as she gradually catches glimpses of the man behind the mysterious persona, she discovers a deeply sensual lover who tests the limits of her self-control. When their flirtatious games quickly combust into a ravenous lust, Layla’s experiment into the nature of the paranormal quickly shifts into an experiment into the nature of raw passion.
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