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Will Storr


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A compelling new work about the mysterious power of the self and the danger of our modern obsession with it, from the author of The Heretics.
“So interesting I literally couldn't put it down.” Sunday Times

We live in the age of the individual.
We are supposed to be slim, prosperous, happy, extroverted and popular. This is our culture's image of the perfect self. We see this person everywhere: in advertising, in the press, all over social media. We're told that to be this person you just have to follow your dreams, that our potential is limitless, that we are the source of our own success.
But this model of the perfect self can be extremely dangerous. People are suffering under the torture of this impossible fantasy. Unprecedented social pressure is leading to increases in depression and suicide. Where does this ideal come from? Why is it so powerful? Is there any way to break its spell?
To answer these questions,…
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moiixxmje citiralaпрошле године
They feel anything’s possible, as long as you work hard. And yet life’s not like that.
Gleb Sologub
Gleb Sologubje citiraoпрошле године
This idea – of the individual as a node of value that had the potential to improve itself – birthed the modern Western civilization of freedom, celebrity, democracy and self-improvement we live in today.
Julia Eremeeva
Julia Eremeevaje citiralaпрошле године
Suicide is a mystery. It seems to go against everything we know about human nature in some elemental way. We’re animals of progress. We’re doers, strivers, fighters. Whether our aims are good or ill, we push and we push, building great cities, burrowing great mines, forging great empires, destroying climates and habitats and the limits of yesterday’s fantasies, bending the forces of the universe to turn magic into the everyday. We want things and we get them; we’re greedy, ambitious, canny, relentless. Self-destruction has no place in this schema. It doesn’t fit.

Except it does. It must do.

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