Lucy Salisbury

S is for Spanking

Playful, outrageous and edgy, ‘S is for Spanking’ is another pacy, modern romp from the author of ‘A Study in Shame’.
Intensely kinky erotica for anyone lusting after much more than ‘50 Shades of Grey’.
Respectable PA Lucy Salisbury finds herself on a management training course that’s more like a boot camp.
Everybody wants a piece of her, from the sadistic head instructor to her cruel and wanton ex-girlfriend, Juliette Fisher.
Always a sucker for a strong man or a cruel, demanding woman, Lucy finds herself on the receiving end of rough sex, spanking and bondage. Lucy tries to handle the demands of half-a-dozen lovers at once, while simultaneously trying not to sully her precious reputation.
Other titles in the Lucy Salisbury series are:A Study in ShameMy Secret Life in Paris
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