50 Perspectives: Surviving New Business Sales, Julian Kempster
Julian Kempster

50 Perspectives: Surviving New Business Sales

So, within this miracle of life, you are or have chosen to become a new business sales professional. This is despite being told that new business sales can be tough, incredibly stressful and, yes, sometimes depressing.

Something has drawn you to this role. Perhaps, it is the challenge or the money. However, these should be secondary to another reason. You have the opportunity to help your clients to improve their own professional lives, while performing your own role ethically and professionally.

So, in this rose-tinted world of new business sales, how many times have you exaggerated or lied in the last week in order to progress a deal? Do you really trust your clients or employer?

Have you realised yet that you have only yourself to rely on?

This straight talking publication offers 50 perspectives on surviving new business sales.
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