Emma and Her Daughter, Linda Mitchelmore
Linda Mitchelmore

Emma and Her Daughter

After the turmoil of WWI, a wealthy widow returns to England—and the man who once stirred her heart.
It is 1927 and the wealthy widow Emma Jago is returning from Canada to the windswept coast of Devon. While the Great War has left its mark on the place, and her teenage daughter Fleur can’t understand her nostalgic reveries, Emma remembers when Matthew Caunter waltzed her around the foyer of a now abandoned hotel. But Devon holds more than sweet memories.
As Emma works to reclaim her home, an unwelcome visitor threatens to reveal a secret that could turn her new life upside down. Through it all, Matthew is never far from mind, but when he appears in the flesh—and as dashing as ever—she wonders if it is finally their time to be happy, or if it was truly never meant to be.
The award-winning author of Emma: There’s No Turning Back, revisits these “lovely” and “warm” characters in this heartfelt historical romance (Sophie Kind).
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