Emma Lea

Christmas with the Billionaire

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“I got stuck in an elevator with a Christmas elf,” was not a sentence Zoë Farraday ever thought she would have to utter.  And to have it happen in the building of her brand spanking new job kind of made the entire situation worse.  Of course, she had to then have a melt-down in front of him to make her humiliation complete.  Asking him to come home with her for Christmas and pretend to be her boyfriend was madness and her only excuse was the trauma of her near-death experience by way of plummeting elevator.  Or perhaps the way he filled out that elf costume momentarily melted her brain.  It may also have had something to do with her mother’s meddling and the very real possibility of being set up with one of her dad’s colleagues that pushed her over the edge.

She didn’t think he’d accept.

Blake Austin—AKA the Christmas Elf—spent the previous twelve months back-packing around the world in an attempt to ‘find himself.’  Growing up as the middle child in a family that only ever cared about the almighty dollar messed him up and his only redemption was to escape the toxic environment and find out who he really was when all the trappings of wealth were stripped away.  Now he was back and determined to somehow mend the ragged, torn seams of his family and Christmas was the perfect time to do it.

Except none of his family planned to be in the country.

Abandoned at Christmas by his family made the outrageous proposal from Zoë more than tempting.  And it didn’t hurt that she was a knock-out.

It was only for a week and it was only pretend…what could go wrong?

This is a standalone sexy billionaire romance — no cliff-hanger!
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