Tudor Queenship: The Reigns of Mary and Elizabeth, Anna Whitelock, Alice Hunt
Anna Whitelock,Alice Hunt

Tudor Queenship: The Reigns of Mary and Elizabeth

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The essays in this volume contribute to a new understanding of the second half of the sixteenth century when England experienced the unprecedented rule of two successive queens regnant. Focusing on a diverse range of issues, from politics and personnel to ceremony and costume, and from a range of perspectives, Tudor Queenship demonstrates that thinking about both queens at the same time can be highly suggestive, and propels us to revise, develop and understand, and to contextualize, traditional interpretations. From what Elizabeth learnt from Mary, assessments of political acumen and the significance of confessional differences this is the first volume to focus on both Mary and Elizabeth, and to consider them as Renaissance monarchs a European stage.
Review'Recommended.'—CHOICE 'This is an excellent collection that prompts us to rethink much of what we thought we knew about both the reigns and the personalities of Mary and Elizabeth Tudor.'—Greg Walker, Head of School, LLC and Masson Professor of English Literature, University of Edinburgh'This volume is a landmark collection of essays which draws together an exciting range of new work by many of the leading scholars currently working on the two Tudor queens. Under Mary and Elizabeth the whole nature of English monarchy itself had to be fundamentally re-thought and worked out in important new ways. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in this process and all the cultural consequences which flowed from it. Tudor Queenship is an important and wide-ranging collection which will undoubtedly find a firm place both in university syllabi and on the shelves of scholars.'—Paul E.J. Hammer, Professor of History, University of Colorado at Boulder
About the AuthorAlice Hunt is a lecturer in Early Modern English Literature at the University of Southampton, UK.
Anna Whitelock is a lecturer in Early Modern History at Royal Holloway, University of London, UK.
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