Dennis Doran

Soft as Steel

The landscape of the construction industry is changing rapidly.
Success is no longer driven by a single generation, technology, or bidding strategy. In today’s diverse industry, your ability to adapt and grow hinges on soft skills.
In Soft as Steel, Dennis Doran starts new conversations about bringing communication and introspection to a business where these essential skills traditionally go undervalued.
Within this book you will:

learn to recognize soft skills and cultivate them in your day-to-day interactions.
hear the value of soft skills from three generations with boots-on-the-ground perspectives.
complete simple activities that leave you with a better understanding of yourself.
use your existing strengths to leverage soft skills in your personal and professional life.
find 50+ easy-to-read thoughts that connect soft skills to your day-to-day processes in a practical way.

Written to meet you where you are, Soft as Steel gives new leaders and career veterans alike the tools they need to not only evolve with the industry but to shape it as it grows.

141 štampana stranica
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