Splinter, Sebastian Fitzek
Sebastian Fitzek


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Have you ever done something you wish you could forget?
Wracked with grief after an accident killed his wife and unborn child, all Marc Lucas wants is to wipe his memory. Until he returns home one night to find that his key doesn't fit in the lock and his wife is alive, well and pregnant – but claims not to recognise him.
Marc is drawn into a nightmare world, one where it's impossible to separate reality from fiction. Is he going mad? Or is there a conspiracy at work – one that could cost him his memory, his sanity…even his life.
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Marc didn’t wonder, either, why the light from the room with the fireplace was reaching him only now. Reflected by a mirror over the chest of drawers, it seemed to adorn the professor with a momentary halo. Then the old man stepped back and the effect vanished.
Engelsk bøger, Helene Juul Jensen
Helene Juul Jensen
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