How To Instantly Size-Up Strangers Like Sherlock Holmes, Sr.A.Williams

How To Instantly Size-Up Strangers Like Sherlock Holmes

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Learn Sherlock’s Methods and Apply Them!

The great detective Sherlock Holmes once said: “It has always been my habit to hide none of my methods, either from my friend Watson or from anyone who might take an intelligent interest in them.”

Now you can learn those methods from the Master himself! No matter who you are — knowing how to read people is essential to success. And no one did it better than Sherlock Holmes! He had the incredible ability to instantly scan people he met. He could tell where an individual just came from, the person’s trade or character with a single glance. Now his method is available to you! The Sherlock Holmes Method is a systematic and accurate way to evaluate people. Use the Sherlockian methods in this book to size up strangers and find love, get a job, close a sale, get rich and fulfill your dreams!

In this book you will learn how to:

• Ask four simple questions to rapidly evaluate strangers.

• Use Holmes’ 10 Rules of Deduction to easily read people.

• Apply three simple steps to read a stranger’s mind.

• Develop a Holmesian memory.

• Tell if someone is lying or being deceptive.

• Read a stranger’s tattoos.

• Size up people by their clothing and body language.

• Tell a person’s job, profession or hobby with a glance.

• Tell a stranger’s previous activities.

• Instantly read a person’s physical health.

• Read people by studying their personal belongings.

• Analyze a stranger from his or her handwriting.

The book is crammed with easy to follow examples that Sherlock Holmes used to size up strangers. You will find simple tips and specific techniques on how to read people instantly. This book gives you step-by-step instructions so you can improve your ability to size up strangers just like Sherlock Holmes!

It’s Elementary — Once You Know His Methods
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can u please please add this book soon? please i cant buy it yet, my parents dont let me pay for it please put the pdf version here please ))))):

Volker Roessler
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Holmes asked himself is: “What do I observe?
Volker Roessler
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Below is a list of deception indicators that Holmes listened for while strangers’ spoke. Listen and use them along with the stranger’s body language to arrive at the truth. Strangers may use the following deceptive verbal clues while speaking to you:

1. They repeat the question you ask.
2. They hesitate or pause a lot while speaking.
3. They talk too much or too little during conversation.
4. They become defensive when you discuss certain topics.
5. They verbally distance themselves from the subject.
6. They use qualifying speech: “To best of my knowledge.”
7. They are too specific in explaining their story.
8. They blame someone else to draw attention away from themselves.
9. They cannot tell their story backwards.
10. They do not match their words and actions together
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What can I deduce?

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