Arnette Lamb

Highland Rogue

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ReviewJuliet White has only one living relative left, the child that her now deceased sister bore six years past. Juliet is an indentured servant and chooses to sell several more years of her life to her master if he will allow her to go to Scotland to look for the child. Juliet's search takes her to the home of Lachlan MacKenzie, The Duke of Ross whom she comes to believe is the child's father. However there is one problem. Actually four…four girls who are as different as any siblings could be, except for their ages. They are all six years old. Lachlan MacKenzie loves his daughters and protects them with a fierceness no one dare cross. Each having a different mother, Lachlan must protect their mothers' identities, else they could come to harm. Politics lay at the heart of the matter, and if the history of the children becomes known, many could suffer. When Juliet obtains the position of governess to the children, her secret efforts to discover their mothers' identities is as fierce as Lachlan's determination to keep the girls' past hidden. Trust must be earned on both sides before the two can allow themselves to give in to the feelings each stirs in the other. Regardless of their suspicions and distrust, Lachlan and Juliet are drawn to each other and can no longer deny their feelings. Each of the girls has claimed Juliet's heart and once she realizes that it doesn't matter which is her blood relative, as she loves them all, an enemy from Lachlan's past becomes curious about the girls and may put them all, and Lachlan's people, in grave danger. Originally released in 1991, Highland Rogue is the first in what will now become a series…the stories of each of the girls will now be told. Arnette was once told that any story with four children in it would never make it, the only thing holding back this title was it's limited print runs! These four girls are as different in personality as they are in looks, and will enchant you. However, the fire that sizzles between Lachlan and Juliet as well as the mystery of the childrens' past will keep you on the edge of your seat! Betrayed is the first of the girls' stories and is a 11/95 release. Beguiled and True Heart are to follow.Ms. Lamb writes a classic romance! In the true spirit of the genre, Highland Rogue delivers all of it's most appealing qualities! Arnette Lamb is a name to watch for in the romance arena! Forget the blurb, forget the cover..remember, Arnette Lamb! How wonderful…Highland Rogue is just the first step in what promises to be a memorable, enjoyable experience for the romance reader! Ms. Lamb has taken a unique plot and given it a wrenching twist? What a delight to avid readers who have 'read them all'! While the girls in Highland Rogue warm your heart, the lovers will set it on fire!Diane Potwin — Copyright © 1994–97 Literary Times, Inc. All rights reservedFrom Literary Times
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