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Game Plan: The 25 Secret Strategies of the Martial Arts and How to Use Them to Build a Great Life

Whatever the question, Game Plan has the answer. Have you ever been stuck in a situation and not been able to think of a way out? Or wanted something really badly but didn't know how to get it? Or kept trying to achieve something but never managed to get it, no matter how hard you tried? Perhaps you are being bullied and want to know how to fight back, or to achieve fame through sport, competition or career?
Game Plan is the answer to your prayers. Now you have 25 different ways to get anything and everything that you want; friends, relationships, good health, great wealth or personal growth and knowledge.
Tony Higo 8th degree Black Belt in the martial arts and chief instructor of the AEGIS martial arts system has studied for over 45 years; trained 100's of competitors including British, European and World champions. Tony Higo was also the Guinness Book of Records World's fastest high kicker in 1990 with 94 kicks in 10 seconds. A life-long student of the martial arts Tony Higo has studied the strategies of combat and life achievement and in this unique work has identified the 25 strategies individual strategies upon which all achievement is based.
In Game Plan you will learn how to apply these same strategies to improve your life; to win in sport, in your career, to have better relationships, build effective teams, to leverage the skills and energy of others and build the life of your dreams. Game Plan reveals how to understand your life, your actions and the actions of others so that you can get the best out of every day with less stress, less effort and bigger results.
Packed with easy to understand explanations, including historical examples, folk traditions, photos, definitions and quotes by the famous, giving many perspectives of each strategy so that with the reader will be able to understand and use them so that every problem or challenge can be turned into a great opportunity. Game Plan is a game changer!
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