The Break-up Bible, Magda B.Brajer
Magda B.Brajer

The Break-up Bible

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Here are just three of the reasons why you need a copy of The Break-up Bible:

1. Break-ups hurt.

Whether you initiated the break-up, or you were dumped, they still hurt.

This book will help you make sense of that hurt, and use it to make you stronger.

2. Break-ups can leave you angry, confused and heart-broken.

Want to learn how to control your rage and the temptation to beg your ex to see you?

This book will teach you how to let go, how to move forward and how to heal a broken heart.

3. Break-ups happen for a reason.

Will you get back with your ex, or won’t you? Should you call him, or shouldn’t you?

This book will help answer these questions and many more, creating a wiser, happier you.

Follow Madga on her journey through a break-up, learn how to avoid becoming a Facebook stalker and find out how to deal with his first text or phone call after the split. But ultimately discover how to set your own priorities and how to take care of yourself after the break-up.

The Break-up Bible is brutally honest, written by someone who understands the pain and the frustration of a heart-breaking split. But its message will empower you, and you will know by the time you reach the end that you will never make the same mistakes EVER again!
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If you are not sleeping well or can’t sleep at all, do take herbal remedies and try hypnosis.
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Learn from that relationship and don’t give another man the same benefits and privileges if you are not getting them in return
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patience is a virtue’, and it is one of the wisest things ever spoken.
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