Class Acts Kids' Ebook Sampler, Tim Green, Dan Gutman, Christopher Healy, Adam Rex, Adam Epstein, Andrew Jacobson, Jon Scieszka, Christopher Krovatin, Jeramey Kraatz
Tim Green,Dan Gutman,Christopher Healy,Adam Rex,Adam Epstein,Andrew Jacobson,Jon Scieszka,Christopher Krovatin,Jeramey Kraatz

Class Acts Kids' Ebook Sampler

Class Acts is your hall pass to great kids' books! In this sampler, New York Times bestselling authors Tim Green (Football Genius), Dan Gutman (The Genius Files), Gordon Korman (Ungifted), Adam Rex (The Cold Cereal Saga), and Jon Scieszka (Guys Read) are teaming up with other stellar middle-grade authors: Bryan Chick (The Secret Zoo), Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson (The Familiars), Christopher Healy (The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom), Nils Johnson-Shelton (Otherworld Chronicles), Jeramey Kraatz (The Cloak Society), Christopher Krovatin (Gravediggers), and Maryrose Wood (The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place). Preview twelve awesome books, get hooked on favorite series, and decide for yourself which author is “best in class.”
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