Walt Disney (Creator of Disney Company and Mickey Mouse), Sara McEwen
Sara McEwen

Walt Disney (Creator of Disney Company and Mickey Mouse)

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For countless people all over the globe, it just takes one name to evoke an entire childhood full of memories: Disney. That single word is able to capture the uniquely magical experience of sitting in a movie theater or curled up on the couch at home, losing oneself in the stunning animation and vibrant characters brought to life on the screen in front of them. The Disney empire took beloved fairy tales and age-old legends and turned them into something that both nodded to tradition but also breathed exciting, distinctive new life into familiar characters and plot lines. Most people growing up had a favorite Disney character, whether it was Cinderella, Aladdin, Ariel, or any of the others. And Disneyland and Disney World are magical destinations, drawing up the thrill of a place where fun surprises are around every corner and fairy tales spring to life.

Without one man, the happy childhood experiences of millions of people would have been forever altered. Walter Elias Disney was born the year 1901. He was born in Chicago, although his father, Elias, was from Irish-Canadian origins and his mother, Flora, was from German-American origins. Elias had originally traveled from Ontario to the United States in the 1870s, hoping to strike it rich by finding gold. When this did not prove successful, he settled down to farm and married Flora. When Disney was still only a child, his family moved to a small town in Missouri. As a young boy, Disney displayed a strong artistic talent and loved to draw. His friendly neighbors encouraged his love of drawing, purchasing the sketches for pocket money.


In 1925, when the Disney Brothers Studio was just starting to really pick up, Disney hired a young woman named Lillian Bounds to help out with celluloid painting and inking. He felt a spark with the new employee, however, and soon began to court her. They quickly realized that they cared about each other and wanted to start a family together, and Lillian became Lillian Disney in 1925, the same year she started work with the Disney corporation.

At first, the two ran into some complications when trying to have children. Lillian miscarried the first pregnancy, causing sadness and heartbreak for both her and her husband. However, in December of 1933, Lillian gave birth to Disney's first daughter, a healthy baby named Diane Marie Disney. When the couple wanted to have a second daughter, they decided to adopt, and welcomed Sharon Mae Disney into their lives. Sharon Mae was born in 1936 and was adopted by the Disneys soon after.

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Marta Borovets
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creating political cartoons for the amusement of his classmates. Disney was very patriotic, and he wanted to join the army during World War I and help protect his country.

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