Five Reasons Not to Throw Yourself Into a Fireplace, Joey Faraci
Joey Faraci

Five Reasons Not to Throw Yourself Into a Fireplace

The lost Hawaiian island of Bea has always been a strange place free of rules, but as time goes on, the land of freedom becomes far too chaotic of a place to live in peace.

Five random citizens grow connected as the death of an important man brings personal war between each of them, his hold over their lives growing with each day. Eden Elwynn, Michael Brody, Katrina Coronova, and Maribelle and Lucifer Sinclair discover that their actions have many more consequences than they imagined as they learn the truth about the island’s many secrets, leading them down their own paths into moral shades of gray. By going through their daily lives, magic and mischief wind their way into each person’s own dark tales of murder and betrayal that are much more similar than they think.

As tensions rise throughout the island, will their fates end in peace? Or will their mistakes catch up to them and swallow them whole? With nearly everything against them, the ending may be just as gray as they fear.
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