Alpha Female: Why Men Cheat and How to Prevent It, Daniel Marques
Daniel Marques

Alpha Female: Why Men Cheat and How to Prevent It

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The concept of Alpha Female hasn't been so explored and referred to as what happens to Alpha Male. Therefore, isn't easy to find a common agreement about how an Alpha Woman should look like or behave.

As most perspectives taken into consideration portray a negative image of what it means to be active as a woman, most end up waiting, dreaming, forgetting and giving up fighting for their rights. And, as the world evolves and changes, the gap between reality and common believes expands, leading many to despair and suffering.

The need for women to be active and persistent in chasing their happiness has never been so important as now. But, in order to be fulfilled, a woman needs to become responsible for her own happiness.

The role of women needs to evolve with the rest of the world, and even though women have learned this lesson well in many other areas of life, not much has changed in the field of seduction, relationships and love. But, active women take their genes into the next generation, while passive women are being drawn to extinction.

The study of what it means to be an Alpha Female is not only related to behavior, appearance and relationships, or even happiness, but the whole future of mankind, because these are the women that will be ahead of their time.

Nowadays, men tend to become more passive and selective, allowing their behavior to evolve with their new status, which in most cases represents a minority. And, a decrease in the number of men available leads women to problems related to competition between themselves and selection of the best available. Therefore, it becomes important to know where and how to find one, but also keep him and know which is worth choosing and having.

Alpha Females have learned to be smart, quick and effective, in finding and choosing the man they want, not necessarily because they want to, but because they recognize the emergency of doing so, in order to avoid what other women reject. But, they have a clear advantage that won't share with other women, due to their typical competitive attitude, reason why a woman won't ever write a good book about this topic and all the best have been written by men, even though rarely covering a complete magnitude of the Alpha panorama, which as men they can't fully understand.

This book shows the path in the most complete form possible, and many women have succeeded with its application since the first edition was published. But, it's because these same women couldn't succeed with the application of many other bestsellers, that this one in particular distinguishes itself as the most efficient available today.
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