The Cafe de Move-on Blues, Christopher Hope
Christopher Hope

The Cafe de Move-on Blues

326 štampanih stranica
Longlisted for the RSL Ondaatje Prize,2019
'Hope writes with extraordinary exuberance and invention.' — Literary Review
In White Boy Running, Christopher Hope explored how it felt and looked to grow up in a country gripped by an 'absurd, racist insanity'.
In The Cafe de Move-on Blues, on a road trip thirty years later, Christopher goes in search of today's South Africa; post-apartheid, but also post the dashed hopes and dreams of Mandela, of a future when race and colour would not count.
He finds a country still in the grip of a ruling party intent only on caring for itself, to the exclusion of all others; a country where racial divides are deeper than ever. As the old imperial idols of Cecil Rhodes and Paul Kruger are literally pulled from their pedestals in a mass yearning to destroy the past, Hope ponders the question:
What next?

Framed as a travelogue, this is a darkly comic, powerful and moving portrait of South Africa — an elegy to a living nation, which is still mad and absurd.
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