The First Deadly Sin, Gwen Masters, Elizabeth Cage, Landon Dixon, N. Vasco, Phoebe Grafton
Gwen Masters,Elizabeth Cage,Landon Dixon,N. Vasco,Phoebe Grafton

The First Deadly Sin

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A collection of five erotic stories with varied themes.

The First Deadly Sin by Gwen Masters

They dive into the church to escape the downpour, but it’s not until they’re inside that she and Adam realise just how horny the empty holy place can have on them. Battling with mixed morals of how to behave in the house of the Lord, Adam’s resistance is slowly worn down by his very own “Eve” with a combination of rosary beads, holy water and a whole lot of sinful temptation.

Coming Soon by Elizabeth Cage

Mel met Bill at her Pilates class, the only man in a group of ten women. Though she was impressed with his toned body and self-assuredness, he turns out to be far from reliable, standing her up at the cinema. But while at first she’s self-conscious about seeing a film (Kill Bill, no less!) by herself, the apprehension is short-lived when a sensual game of foreplay begins in the darkness. But what happens when the lights go up?

King Dong by Landon Dixon

It’s the middle of the Great Depression, but private investigator, Polk, gets by solving the cases of the few who can afford him. But never before has he been presented with a missing item like this; widow Etta Bisbey wants him to find her monumentally-proportioned dildo, a good luck charm from the Belgian Congo. It’s only as Polk starts to dig that the seamy story of the King Dong reveals itself in its full entirety, all 13 inches of it …

The Tie Breaker by Phoebe Grafton

Gerald might make a good chairman at the tennis club, but his tennis is much like his performance in the bedroom these days; disappointing. He can hardly be compared to the likes of Federer and Nadal! Which is why his wife is on the look-out for unattached players when it comes to mixed doubles. When new member Paul first arrives at the club, she decides to put him through his paces, and after a passionate back-and-forth rally, his “play” does not disappoint.

Library Rendezvous by N. Vasco

The library is a place for learning and quiet, but it’s much, much for Anna and Hector. For the librarian and the lecturer, it is where they first meet and where they share their passion for erotic history and literature. And what better way to pay homage to these treasured texts, packed with timeless know-how, than to re-enact their saucy secrets …
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