Lisa Taylor

Retain and Gain

Developing a skilled, inclusive, agile and equipped workforce is a necessity for public sector employers across Canada. This Playbook identifies 40+ low-cost tips, activities and actions that public sector managers can take starting today (some in only 10 minutes a day) to attract, engage and retain staff. Written in an innovative “travel guide” format, author Lisa Taylor integrates a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) throughout and recognizes the unique context of public sector workplaces. The Playbook, published by CERIC, also provides planning templates and links to additional resources.

Career management — at every level of government — offers a strategic lever for stronger organizational performance and success. Indeed, career management affects more than just employee satisfaction and loyalty. It drives better public service, faster identification of ways to deliver on your mandate and increased opportunity for innovation.

This Playbook is for you if, as a public sector manager, you are concerned about any of the following workforce needs:

Recruitment and retention of talented employeesTransition support (e.g., onboarding, automation, retirement planning, etc.)Development of new leadership candidates and skill setsKnowledge transferCareer agility, resilience and mobilityReskilling or upskilling that is increasingly needed in the rapidly changing world of workSafeguarding and improvement of mental health and well-being
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