Tom Jones, Gwen Russell
Gwen Russell

Tom Jones

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The owner of one of the most recognizable faces – not to mention voices – in the entertainment business, Sir Tom Jones is the definition of a national treasure.It has been over fifty years since Jones’s breakthrough single ‘It’s Not Unusual’ reached Number One in the UK, and it seems as if he has been a permanent fixture on our airwaves ever since. Songs like ‘Delilah’ and ‘She’s a Lady’ are by now a part of the nation’s cultural fabric – but this astounding success wasn’t always assured for the legendary Welsh entertainer.Having already overcome a devastating bout of childhood tuberculosis, Tom Jones married his teenage girlfriend at the youthful age of sixteen. With a young family to support, it seemed far more likely that a career as a vacuum salesman was beckoning. However, Jones’s voice was destined for greater things than sales patter, and with thirty-six Top Forty singles to his name, his enduring popularity is a testament to just how talented that voice is.His career hasn’t always been plain-sailing though. Lengthy quiet periods without much professional success, combined with well-documented infidelities in his private life, has meant that Jones has known his fair share of tough times.In An Extraordinary Life, bestselling biographer Gwen Russell charts Jones’s journey from young, unsigned local singer to one of Britain’s best-loved entertainers. With his seventy-fifth birthday behind him, and forging a successful TV career thanks to his work heading The Voice, Jones’s status as a living legend is guaranteed.
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