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e. I tried to remember what Eleanor said: “A mature person is one . . . who is able to be objective even when deeply stirred emotionally.”
can never be too careful had been a common refrain when I was growing up. You could, actually. According to Dr. Bob, overprotective parents, in their attempt to raise conscientious children, were constantly sending the message that the world is full of dangers that will surely get you as soon as you let your guard down. Kids became trained to find risk in every new experience.

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what we call a safety behavior, like tensing up, holding your breath, praying, something we use to try to control the situation when we’re scared, even if we can’t control it. At best, these behaviors become superstitions. At worst, they can lead to substance abuse if you start believing that you need a few drinks or pills to get through a party. They disempower you by reinforcing the idea that you can’t handle a situation.”

Never thought it that way

Change your perspective of the situation. Change the narrative of your thoughts. Instead of thinking ‘I’m so scared!’ tell yourself, ‘I’m so excited!’ ”

I eyed him dubiously. “And if that doesn’t work?”

“Then try getting mad. One theory about anxiety is that it’s opposed by other emotions, such as aggression, which can be used to cancel it out,” he said. “Get into combat mode. Don’t be a worrier, be a warrior! Imagine yourself as a flying predator going after the enemy. Grrrr!” He actually growled.


Have you ever noticed that some people love roller coasters while others are terrified of them?”

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Your body can’t tell the difference between fear and excitement. It reacts the same way to both—racing heartbeat, butterflies, perspiration. It’s your mind that decides whether the situation is something to be nervous or excited about. What you need to do is turn fear into excitement.”
You make decisions with imperfect information and achieve imperfect results. The alternative is to never make a decision and never achieve results.
the things that interest you and do them with all your heart. Don’t be concerned about whether people are watching you or criticizing you. The chances are that they aren’t paying any attention to you.
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What you don’t do can be a destructive force.”
Being fearful, Eleanor learned, came with consequences.
“Rather than tensing up and trying to stand your ground when the scary situations come at you, you should dive into them. Roll with them rather than struggle against them.
If we learned anything today, it’s that just because you’ve done something frightening once doesn’t mean it’s suddenly not scary anymore.”
Nothing alive can stand still, it goes forward or back. Life is interesting only as long as it is a process of growth; or, to put it another way, we can only grow as long as we are interested.
I grabbed a book and flipped around until I found it: “You cannot use your time to the best advantage if you do not make some sort of plan,” Eleanor wrote.
unhappy people in the world are those who face the days without knowing what to do with their time. But if you have more projects than you have time for, you are not going to be an unhappy person
His voice remained patient. “No, but when our world feels out of control, we withdraw to maintain the illusion of safety.
Do one thing every day that scares you.
Avoidance is fear,” he said gently. “When we’re afraid of fear, we avoid situations that trigger it.”
this really what you want to be doing with your life?
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