Lori R. Sackler

The M Word Journal

Is money pulling your family apart?

The M Word Journal is based on Sackler’s groundbreaking 2013 book, The M Word (McGraw-Hill Education, 2013, updated 2016), which continues to change the way families view and spend money, transfer assets and wealth, and pass along values. The M Word Journal is a new and comprehensive guide on how to successfully orchestrate the crucial conversations around life’s most profound transitions. It will, along with The M Word, help you negotiate every aspect of your family finances so that you can ultimately keep your money and family relationships intact.

The M Word provides guidance on how to approach the most delicate of subjects without anxiety or stress, so families can reap the benefits of secure financial planning for generations to come. The Journal goes even further and offers a detailed roadmap around Sackler’s five-step plan, so you’ll be able to:

• Successfully prepare for, initiate, and execute the “Money Talk”
• Gather and understand the essential information
• Tackle the issues that accompany wealth transfers and life’s transitions
• Overcome the roadblocks that can keep families from communicating
• Prepare yourself and your family—logistically and psychologically—for the Money Talk
• Create a process for making regular talks that can keep your family and finances intact

The M Word Journal takes you through the “how to” of the Money Talk.
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