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A Groom For the Earl – A Sexy Gay M/M BDSM Historical Victorian-Era Erotic Romance Short Story From Steam Books

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The Earl of Whitecliff has a reputation for being eccentric and cold-hearted, but to a groom desperately seeking work such as Allen, this accounts for nothing, and so he goes to work for the Earl’s stables. Quickly, he realizes just how strange the Earl’s methods are, especially when it comes to punishment, though he also discovers something else – how even the coldest hearts can melt in the flames of passion.
WARNING: This 4,500-word story is a steamy read that features hot gay M/M scenes in a historical Victorian-era setting, kinky BDSM action, whips, butt plugs, anal sex, romance, dominance and submissive action, and may be too much for timid readers!

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