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Caryl Rivers

Indecent Behavior

The international bestselling author delivers “a stylish bio tech thriller . . . [that] has you totally in its grasp. The finale is hair-raising!” (Daily News, New York).
Sally Ellenberg has a nose for bad news. It’s detrimental to her love life, but perfect for her job on the crime beat. When writing up a report on a minor hold up, she stumbles across a strange detail: in the middle of the robbery, the gunman screamed suddenly before falling dead. In searching for answers, Sally teams up with orderly (and sexy) science-writer John Forbes Aiken to chase down an increasingly bizarre series of clues, from missing autopsy reports to bizarre brain experiments on animals.
Digging deeper, Sally and Jack uncover a conspiracy reaching into the highest levels of the US government and the escalating war on terror. A new series of attacks from Al Qaeda terrorists has driven the military to seek new ways to gather intelligence on its enemies. As powerful forces attempt to discredit Sally and Jack, they find themselves increasingly alone as they get closer to the terrifying truth.
“Rivers has a very deft hand with prose and a gift for witty dialogue . . . a great novel and a genuine pleasure to read.” —Boston Herald
“Rivers tries her hand at a bio-tech thriller, with slickly professional results. Rivers is as amusing as ever, and her leading couple make fine company indeed.” —Kirkus Reviews
“There aren’t too many really good newspaper novels, so it’s gratifying to report that Indecent Behavior . . . has the old newsroom pungency, even though, as reporter Sally Ellenberg realizes, newsrooms aren’t what they used to be.” —Chicago Tribune
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