Knjige slične knjizi „My Heart and Other Black Holes“ autora Jasmine Warga

Paperweight, Meg Haston
Meg Haston
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Playlist for the Dead, Michelle Falkoff
Made You Up, Francesca Zappia
The Last Time We Say Goodbye, Cynthia Hand
Falling into Place, Amy Zhang
This Is Where It Ends, Marieke Nijkamp
Suicide Notes, Michael Thomas Ford
Side Effects May Vary, Julie Murphy
Anatomy of a Misfit, Andrea Portes
I Like You Like This, Heather Cumiskey
None of the Above, I.W.Gregorio
Smoke & Mirrors, Michael Faudet
Symptoms of Being Human, Jeff Garvin
Fans of the Impossible Life, Kate Scelsa
Who's That Girl, Blair Thornburgh
A Thousand Pieces of You, Claudia Gray
She Felt Like Feeling Nothing, r.h. Sin
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