The Last of Philip Banter, John Franklin Bardin
John Franklin Bardin

The Last of Philip Banter

The 1947 cult classic from acclaimed crime writer John Franklin Bardin, now available for the first time in eBook edition.
Philip Banter is a little too fond of drink, and his marriage isn't what it should be. He's also troubled by a penchant for forgetting. That doesn't mean he's losing his mind.
Then Philip finds a manuscript entitled "Confession" in his office. He reads about a surprise dinner party his wife held, of the conversation that took place, and —to his horror—of his own infidelity. But the "confession" turns out to be a prophecy, accurate in almost every detail.
Is he the victim of a conspiracy to drive him mad, or did he type the manuscript himself? As the "confession" grows lengthier and more destructive, can he find the willpower to resist its terrifying inevitability?
241 štampana stranica
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