A Joosr Guide to… Essentialism by Greg McKeown

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Do you regularly find yourself burdened by an ongoing balancing act, engaging in multiple endeavors, yet still feel like your efforts remain unfruitful? Learn how to adjust your thinking so that you can maximize your time and energy, and make real progress in what truly matters to you.

Essentialism explains how we have become slaves to the “non-essential,” always taking on more in a blind attempt to improve our status and reach our potential-yet by going about success in this way, we fail to move forward in any direction. It provides an alternative way of thinking and a more fulfilling methodology for achieving success, allowing you to regain some autonomy against social expectation, as you start to cultivate and enjoy a clearer perspective on what is truly essential in life.

You will learn:

· How to take back control over how you spend your time

· Why it is important to learn to say “no”

· How to reduce your output, yet achieve more.
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Joosr, Joosr Ltd


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