How To Cheat Like A Man, Paulo Rossi
Paulo Rossi

How To Cheat Like A Man

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Let’s face it, ladies: there are a lot of good things to be said about having an affair. It can bring the passion, romance and excitement back into your life that may be missing from your marriage or monogamous relationship while keeping the love alive between you and your partner.

“The only real downside to cheating is getting caught,” says Paulo Rossi, author of the new book “How to Cheat Like A Man: A How-to-guide for women who want stray, play and get away with it.” “But what if you could remove that risk once and for all?”

In his book, written especially for women by a guy who has done it all and lived to tell the tale, Mr. Rossi shares his expert advice on adultery and gives female readers a male perspective on actions to avoid that will make husbands and boyfriends suspicious (hint: there is only so much that perfume can cover up).

As an aerospace project engineer who, for more than twenty years, has been working on many successful US space and military programs, Mr. Rossi has a mind that works systematically and without emotion, which is something you want if you’re carrying out complex programs – or simply planning a one-night stand. Mr. Rossi believes in eliminating risks or reducing them to an absolute minimum in all matters.

For that reason, he has spent years formulating “The 9 Golden Rules” used throughout this book – and has selflessly tested, refined and put them into practice out in the real world.

“I believe that cheating doesn’t destroy relationships; getting caught does!” says Mr. Rossi. “My system is intended to help marriages, families and men’s egos while allowing women more sexual choice and freedom. Who says you can’t have it all?”
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