Citati iz knjige „Anansi Boys“ autora Neil Gaiman

“How do you take your coffee?”
“Dark as night, sweet as sin.”
EACH PERSON WHO EVER WAS OR IS OR WILL BE HAS A SONG. It isn’t a song that anybody else wrote. It has its own melody, it has its own words. Very few people get to sing their own song. Most of us fear that we cannot do it justice with our voices, or that our words are too foolish or too honest, or too odd
You keep using the phrase ‘bite my head off.’ Now when you say ‘bite my head off,’ I take it I can assume that this is actually some kind of metaphorical statement, implying that you’ll shout at me, perhaps rather angrily?”
“I think so,” said Spider, soberly. “And if I get bored with you, I’ll just go away and do something else. So not to worry.”
But you’re a hero, aren’t you?”
“I don’t think that’s what anyone was paying me for,” she said
He loved food, he loved people, he loved his daughter. He loved cooking. He loved me. What did it get him? Just an early grave. You mustn’t go loving things like that. I’ve told you.”
Mum. Will you please stop being so negative?
Spider could not see them, but he knew they were all there: the great spiders and the small spiders, venomous spiders and biting spiders: huge hairy spiders and elegant chitinous spiders.
Then, “I could show him my bum.”
“You heard me.”
“Er. Instead of?”
“In addition to.”
Oh,” said Rosie. The idea of not being a disappointment to her mother was a new one, and something about which she was not sure how she felt
They would probably need a bucket after twenty-four hours. Nobody could say that he was an animal
Her Majesty’s constabulary look unkindly on kidnapping criminals in foreign countries, let alone arresting them, and she rather doubted she would be able to persuade him to return to the UK willingly.
He remembered it, in the way you remember things from childhood, part memory, part memory of the memory
Grahame Coats did not go for walks; he had people to do that for him.
You want to hear a story?” asked the old man.
“Not really,” she admitted.
“I’ll have you know,” she told him, pointedly, “that I’m a married woman.”
His smile only grew wider. It was a sweet smile and a gentle one, as heartwarming as it was dangerous. “Generally speaking, that kind of contract terminates in a till death us do part.”
That is quite beside the point,” she said. Then, “I’m what?” And then, before he could say anything, Maeve said, “Morris, I said that he attempted to murder me. Not that he succeeded.
Fat Charlie looked at the pigeons, and the pigeons looked back at him. “So what’s the worst that could happen?” he asked Spider, in an undertone. “They crap all over us?”
In her mind the cruise was a form of floating purgatory
It’s your first time,” said the policeman.
“Drugs?” said the policeman.
“No, thank you,” said Fat Charlie.
“Is that what you’re in for?”
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