Lisa Alpine

Wild Life: Travel Adventures of a Worldly Woman

From licking a Monet in Paris, to pushing an abusive macho honeymooner off his sailboat in the shark-infested Galápagos, to saving her toddler son from a charging bull elephant in Africa, these delightful tales will inspire readers to follow the call of a wild life and leave home with their doors unlocked.

The fourteen original tales in “Wild Life” Include many of Alpine's award-winning stories: “Fish Trader Ray” recipient of the Best Travel Story of the Year; “Rada's Bloom” winner of Best Character Solas Gold; and “Trumpets of Warning” for Best Animal Encounter.

“Lisa's love of travel and her fierce determination to push all boundaries, takes the reader with her on a thoughtful, fun and fearless journey. Lisa opens herself and the reader to the world and explores with courage, the physical world around her and the philosophical world within.” – Maureen Wheeler, founder Lonely Planet

“These stories transport the reader to exotic places all over the world yet encapsulate iconic moments in an American life that any woman will recognize. From quirky teenager to adventurous mother, Alpine's audacity shocks us in a way that makes us wish we had been following in her footsteps all these years. Lisa Alpine is an unabashed combination of Graham Greene and Isadora Duncan with runaway stories that are charming and disheveled snapshots of an unapologetically wild life.” – Carla King, Misadventures Media

“I never tire of talking to Lisa Alpine about her exploits, adventures, and fascinating life. She has carved a path that is an inspiration to any free-spirited, or secretly free-spirited, woman.”
– Constance Hale, author of “Vex, Hex, Smash, Smooch” and “Sin and Syntax”

“Lisa's stories are not only packed with the humor and adventure that comes from being a solo woman traveler, but also filled with compassion that cuts to the core of what travel is all about-a deep connection to a people and place found when we shed our protective armor and remember we are all human.”
– Kimberley Lovato, author of “Walnut Wine and Truffle Grove”
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